Jun. 18th, 2012

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Player Information
Name: zferolie
Personal Journal: [personal profile] zferolie
Contact Info: AIM: zferolie Plurk: zferolie
Other Characters: Reimu, Kanako

Character Information
Name: Urd
Source Canon: Ah! My Goddess!
Age: Ageless
Role In Canon: Sister to Belldandy/Main character
History: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Urd_%28Oh_My_Goddess!%29

Personality: Urd is much different then her younger sister Belldandy. While Belldandy wants to help and care for everyone, Urd only cares for her family and friends. That is one of the main reasons she doesn't become a 1st class goddess. She can't spread her love for everyone. She wants all of her attention on her Sisters and Keiichi. They mean the world to her.

She also can lie. A Goddess first class cannot lie, but Urd is only a Goddess second class. She makes use of the fact that she can lie very often. Weather for good reasons or bad ones, she will lie if need be.

Urd is a meddler. She see's a situation that interests her, she will go and try to help in her own way, which usually involves potions or trying to seduce them. While her potion making is known through-out heaven, they come with unforeseen side effects if used just slightly incorrectly. It can range from a mild case of hair growth, to physically altering the person. If something does go wrong, she will try to make a potion to fix that problem, and that potion will fix it, but most likely cause another problem. It's best to try and avoid her potions.

As said by Belldandy, Urd has good intentions, but sometimes can get so carried away in trying to help someone that she loses sight of the goal. Basically, she may get so absorbed in helping someone, she may lose sight of why she is helping them, and instead does it for her own fun. However, if someone keeps refusing her help, she might get mad and summon lightning down on them.

She calls herself the Goddess of Love, Cupid of Love, and Mistress of love. She is a very experienced woman, and if she see's someone with love problems, she will try to help them. By help them, it usually means teach them ways to please a man/woman. She also flaunts her body around, but that doesn't mean she is a whore, so don't expect her to just sleep with anyone.

Abilities: Just a note on her powers. Urd is a Goddess Second Class, Limited license, but is a very powerful one. She can use spells of Lightning and Fire based, and they can get pretty powerful. If she uses her angel, World of Elegance, her spells are even more powerful.

Other powers she has are flight, body and speech control, the ability to move things, and bring things to life. There are many other things that she can do, but nothing game breaking.

She has the Power to transport herself through 1 TV and out of another. She usually uses this to get from one place to another Quickly. She also has the ability to split herself into many, smaller forms. She can communicate and see everything they do.

Thought not so much a power, these things are important. She drinks Sake, or any other Alcohol, to recharge her powers. She also falls asleep instantly in Enka starts playing.
She is also a amazing potions expert, knowing thousands of different types of potions and their ingredients. She can make potions to do pretty much anything she wants. However due to her excited nature, she can make potions too strong and cause various side effects.

Sample: http://mistressurd.dreamwidth.org/ http://testrun-box.dreamwidth.org/50079.html


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